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Jada Fire

Jada Fire

Real Name: n/a

Alliases: Jada Fine, Jada Fires, Jade..

Birth date: 01 September, 1976

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10 December, 2011 by Newark:

Jada those cheerleader videos you do are so fucking hot.
I have wanted off to them so many times.
I love you Jada!

28 October, 2011 by bighun:

please more photos/videos of Jada Fire tits mmmm she is a sexy bad girl

28 October, 2011 by LemonX:

oh yeah that's right
I'd more put it "goddess" like

28 October, 2011 by doggyxxx:

Jada are sooooo beautiful! Awesome boobs, fantastic i love this size!

24 September, 2011 by 10inch:

She's really fucking slut, but it is the best porn model

05 September, 2011 by DarkTrader:

Nice brown titties guys! I liked it!

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